Health Hop

Welcome to Health Hop where you can learn all about how a healthy diet and fitness regime can help you improve your looks, your weight and your health!

We also have a running commentary on how our main contributor lost weight and improved his health through determination, belief and some clever ideas that made it possible for him and anyone else that wants to do this to look and feel better, slimmer and healthier.

There are some tricks and clever techniques in existence that you can use to help you achieve a healthier physical body.

I will reveal what I know and what I have used in my own personal journey to better health right here in the pages of this website!

Eat Healthy, Exercise More

There really is no substitute for eating a healthy, well balanced, home prepared and cooked diet while boosting your body's strength and metabolism by getting as much exercise as you can. Your body needs the right fuel in order to perform the work it needs to do.

So feed it properly and keep it active and it will serve you well for many more years to come!

There are no hard and fast rules to follow as everyone is different and has different limits and abilities. Learn what works best for you with regard food portion sizes and exercise without over-exertion or strain and you'll reap the benefits every day.

eat healthy vegetablesThe best rule of thumb that you can follow when it comes to exercising is to do as much as you can manage yourself and if you can push that envelope a little each day, then do it.

As long as you feel like you have worked yourself hard enough after exercising and you're hot, sweaty and feeling pretty tired, then you've done a great job!

Most people can manage to adhere to a healthy diet as long as it allows a decent variety of foods and is not too restrictive in all areas. Staying healthy is not so much about counting calories as counting the number of healthy foods you can and should eat while avoiding the unhealthy junk that is jammed in everyone's face on television and magazine ads.

The food you eat is everything when it comes to maintaining a good level of health as well as staying in shape. The right food will keep your body working at its best, while the wrong food will cause it no end of problems now and in the future.

Make a conscious choice to aim for the healthiest food you can eat and avoid that bad stuff as often as possible and you'll do yourself a great deal of good. I have written some pretty helpful articles in here that cover this topic that I'm sure you'll be interested to read!

Be sensible and you can still eat very well while the food you are eating is healthy, wholesome and enjoyable.