Diet with Convenience

Sometimes it just takes a realistically generous helping of confidence, determination and will power to make a weight loss diet work the way it is supposed to. Of course, not everyone will admit to possessing these qualities and not using them to their advantage, so most simply take the easy way out and quit, citing their own personal stock collection of excuses as reasons for their failure.

However, not everyone fails to lose weight when they make the conscious decision to do whatever it takes to make it happen. I received a heart-warming email from a reader a while ago that told the story of a determined and resourceful family member that succeeded despite the popular whining and complaints levelled at many popular diet programs.

The sender kindly gave permission for her email to be published on this website as a helpful resource for anyone who has any doubts about their ability to succeed. Here it is:

A Reader's Success Story

"Despite what he had read in a lot of reviews that tried to pour cold water over a lot of popular diet food delivery plans, my brother was determined to try one of them to see how easy it would be for him to lose weight and still keep up with his busy lifestyle. He chose to try the convenience of one of the most popular diets from Nutrisystem as there seemed to be far more positive press about it than some of the others, or maybe that was just due to the websites where he did most of his research.

I guess you can't really get a full understanding of how people are rating certain diets unless you read then all and to do that would likely take you months. That time is better spent just getting on one of them and seeing what you can do with it.

Well, my brother was not disappointed, although he was a little curious when he took delivery of his food package. That was mainly because at first glance, the box did not look big enough to contain a whole month supply of food, but when he opened it up and got everything out and packed away, it sure did!

He actually lost more weight than he expected to do with that diet, which made him extremely happy and he had not problems with the meals at all. In fact he said that they were so quick and easy to have ready to eat, he would consider doing the diet again not so much to lose weight but to just feed himself next time he is on a really busy project at work!

Well, that's at least part of how my brother lost weight, but there's of course more to it than that. I'll be giving you more of the info in later posts, if anyone is interested, of course!"

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